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Dependable Gun & Home Safes

Have the knowledgeable professionals at All Safe & Security help you choose the right safe for your unique needs. We offer wall, gun, and home safes for residential properties within West Allis, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. 


Our burglary safes are designed, tested, and rated to protect your items from being stolen. They range in size from small in-floor boxes to bank vault doors. Fire safes protect your records, important papers, cash, and valuables from fire damage. Some are also rated for burglary protection.

Gun safes keep your guns safe and secure. They are for responsible gun ownership to prevent accidental use. Media and data safes protect sensitive media and devices such as video or audio tapes, photographs, and computer backup media from fire damage.

Depository safes are for protection in high cash use environments. Use our trim safe for the immediate storage of cash, jewelry, and other valuables. This helps you limit the amount of money in your cash registers. They are recommended for armored car companies, convenience stores, and restaurants.


Our high security safes offer maximum protection and a higher degree of security for cash and valuables. Our highly rated safes meet insurance underwriter requirements. They are perfect for jewelry stores and manufacturers, check cashing stores, pawn shops, drug retailers, and other establishments.

We have many styles of wall safes available. Most offer burglary protection, and some are rated for fire damage. All of our wall safes are designed for wall installation, and are typically hidden behind a picture or wall-mounted object. We sell safes from the following manufacturers:


Adesco® Safe Co.

Sentry® Safe
• Sargent & Greenleaf®


Know where to go for your safe. The expert locksmiths at All Safe & Security offer you a full range of services for whatever you need done with your safe. Let us open, repair damage, change combinations, convert to electronic safe locks, annually inspect security and operation, or move and install your safe.